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 My Early Life (Adult)  Bullying (Age 12 and up)
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4th grade and up



About the Author:

Marion A Stahl was profoundly touched by Anita’s story and inspired by her mission to teach about bullying and social abuse. Marion embarked upon the task to retrace events, paint surroundings, as well as beget the young girl to bring forth her voice again as well as her adult message: “Be a Hero.” “Stahl’s book will inspire young adults to learn bout WWII history and how not to repeat it.” Lara Moore


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  1. LuAnn Schrader says:

    after I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down untuli finished. I truly believe that we must “remember”, lest we see repeats of atrocities inflicted by those who are in power. BE A HERO makes the point that everyone can do a little to make a difference in someone’s life.

  2. By LESLIE OBRIEN says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars Page-turning memoir, April 1, 2014
    By LESLIE OBRIEN “Goldenwest Editing (freelance … (San Diego, California) -See all my reviews
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    This review is from: Anita’s Piano (Kindle Edition)
    When I was in middle school, the actor Robert Clary (played Frenchie or Lebeau on Hogan’s Heroes) spoke at our school about life in a concentration camp. Because he played a character I was familiar with, his story stuck with me. Throughout the years, I would meet parents and grandparents of friends and coworkers who were holocaust survivors. Each had their own story, but Clary seemed to be the only one willing to tell his. Until I picked up this book.

    The story engages you from the onset as we feel the worry and loss of Anita while she searches for her family. We also feel the camaraderie of her and her friends as they gossip about boys and what they want in life. Anita is like many teen girls forced to grow up too quickly in a world at war. But then we find out what happened before the orphanage. The idyllic family life, the fear, the many betrayals, the pain, cold, sickness, separation and unrelenting hunger. It’s tragic. Frightening. Amazing. Amazing that Anita is sharing her story.

    Admittedly, memoirs aren’t my favorite, but I do read them and this one is wonderful. I really liked how the author brought in trivia and historical points, as both a comparison and a timeline tool for the reader. The historical aspects were engrossing and her storyteller style made the combination of history and Anita’s story, seamless. The photos are a charming addition to the story and the recipes reminded me of my grandmother. I will have to try them. Please pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

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