Book Release

Anita Schorr’s story is finally available in regular book format as well as kindle.

Anita” is an Adult edition, soon a second edition will also be available for teachers.

Be a Hero” This edition has been especially formatted for reading ease and to attract young readers.

You may order here or directly from Amazon or any bookstores.

Press Release

Synopsis of books:

Anita is a happy little girl living in a town of Czechoslovakia. Her country is enjoying a new independence and her family is doing well. She feels extremely safe living next to the town castle and is surrounded by the love of her close family and friends. Anita has a beautiful life where playing the piano and music surrounds her. Her family lives in the town of Brno, Czechoslovakia. She is nine years old when her town is invaded by German military forces. She sees her world slowly crumble. As the family is displaced again and again, she tries to come to terms with the horrible years that follow. She watches the destruction of all she loves. Her memories are attached to the piano that represents the family she will lose. An orphan at age 15, she is left to fend for herself. This is the story of one girl’s courage in a world where love, deceptions and death are a daily reality. Her complex and riveting story brings to life a crucial part of history and world events (1930–1945).

About the Author: Marion A. Stahl has a medical degree and specializes in writing about health-related topics. In Anita’s Piano, she combines her love of history and her professional background to help readers, especially young audience, explore the repercussions of harassment. “I was touched by Anita’s life story. This is a lesson about the lasting and pervasive damage caused by bullying or social abuse.”


“Her narrative reflects a positive attitude and touches the hearts of all.” — “Echoes and Reflections” was sponsored by the Anti-Defamation

League and Quinnipiac University’s School of Education

“This book will contribute to the education about bullying and war for upcoming generations.” — Lara Moore, Editor

For junior Erica Lane, 16, it was hard to hear Schorr say that she thought her mother didn’t love her. But she was taking Schorr’s message to heart.

“We feel compelled to stand up and do something,” Lane said. Stamford Advocate.

“Anita Schorr has two messages for UNH students, faculty, and staff when she speaks at the university’s 10thAnnual Holocaust Remembrance event April 9: You must remember. But most important, you must act. West Haven, Conn.”

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3 thoughts on “Book Release

  1. Think it would be a good birthday gift for my 18 year old granddaughter who was adopted from Romania at age 2? She will be 18 in June. Plays woodwinds instead of piano, but is very good at it.

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