Czech. August 11th, 1930

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Czech. August 11th, 1930

!In the town of Brno, (Brünn) on August eleven, 1930, there was a celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Pollak were welcoming their first daughter. They named her Anita. Her eyes were already firing every one with a piercing insistence. Not like most babies, who look away because their vision is not quite sharp. Her gargle of happiness made everyone smile.


That is what they told me about that day. My aunt Hilda, who had flamboyant crimson hairs and white skin, had told me later that my parents, Fritz and Stella had met at the Sport Hall on Kounicová Street in 1924.

“Anita” Hilda recounted, “That day Stella was wearing that cherry dress, with the fine finishing, I had made, a small hat with a band in a paler tone of cherry.”


Stella was walking, flanked by her friend Elisa, when two youthful men, about the same age, had approached them.

The young men were nicely dressed and wore knickers and a cap. They were best friends.  Stella worked with her sister Hilda helping her with sewing and various aspects of her millinery shop. Fritz, son of Moritz Pollak, an affluent fashion and apparel wholesaler had received an excellent education in the best private school of Brno. He also attended Masaryk University. He knew how to hold himself in front of women! Stella’s eyes were wide open. She felt also flattered to be on the side of such a good and smart-looking young man.

That day the sky was of a pale blue and there was that breeze that is so smooth and perfect that you want to catch it in your hand. A day where everyone wears a smile on their face because the temperature is so pleasant that you want to dive in the air to get more of it.

The dress Stella wore was free-flowing, below the knee and revealed Stella’s line in a very discreetly nubile and noble way. Aunt Hilda, who was quite attractive herself, had put a lot of love in that attire, in the same way she did for the headpiece she wore at the wedding.  She often traveled by train to Paris to find new supplies and ideas.

Frau Muller-Tvacheck helped with the dress. My aunt, a millinery expert, loved doing fresh creative designs. Her beautiful sister, who had gone to school in Vienna, would wear her modern creations with gusto and pride.

Fritz and Stella married the following year in 1925. They celebrated at Hotel Barcelo with their family and friends, close to the Court House, where they married.

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